Welcome to BWCEO

Our Primary Mission:

To develop conscientious world citizens that are committed in building a harmonious global society.

The Bliss & Wisdom Culture & Education Organization (BWCEO) began with a belief that education is the pivot to the rise and fall of humankind. Individually, there have been an overemphasis on the self-centered pursuit of academic achievement and materialistic values. Globally, there have been great division of humankind due to racial, cultural, and religious differences. Therefore, a balanced approach in education becomes especially important to the 21st global society.

With the above understanding, we believe it is essential to:

  1. First, provide the vision, resources and leadership for teachers, students, parents, individuals, and communities on developing ethical principles.
  2. Second, engage global citizens to be committed in building understanding, respect, care, harmony, and peace in their communities and the world.

BWCEO is committed to:

● Promote purification of the mind; cultivate perfect character.

● Reestablish ethical values; disseminate cultural traditions.

● Elevate spiritual development; create a harmonious world.